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Undefeated start for Maccabi netball sides

Posted: 25-May-2011 by Maccabi NSW

Out of 15 teams registered in the Northern Suburbs Netball Association, Maccabi Eastside Netball has three that are undefeated and at the top of their respective tables.

2011 is the 11As first season playing in the Northern Suburbs Association and they have definitely proved that they are a force to be reckoned with. Under the excellent guidance of coach Elana Levin Maccabi remains undefeated after six rounds.

“They are motivated and determined to win each game and they demonstrate this every week,” Elana says.

Feisty attack by Ashley Cohn and Tayla Cohen is supported by the accurate shooting of Shira Hayim, Madison Zuck and Becki Friderich. Dominant defenders Jaimie Herman, Gabriella Sacks and Tamara Ephron ensure the opposition rarely scores.

After only losing one game in their 2010 season, the 12As have continued to grow. Week after week they have risen to the occasion, thrashing their opponents.

Brilliant shooting by Lily Speiser and Abigail Goldman has ensured that the hard work of their mid-court teammates Katie Vasin, Meg Josman, Chloe Moss and Tali Paikin has been rewarded. Eden Glover and Abbie Gentin have always worked tirelessly in the defensive circle, making sure the opposition has limited scoring opportunities.

“Despite winning by such a large margin, they continue to fight for every match. They’re feisty.” coach Jessica Goulburn says. She puts their success down to teamwork, “They really trust each other on court and they know that they have each other’s backs.”

Playing in the B division, the 15As have approached each game as if it was a final and their efforts have payed off. Playing some of the strongest teams in their age group, Maccabi, under the supervision of coach Sally Cowen, has proved that they belong in the higher grades.

Precise shooting by Taryn Levin, Talia Berman and Talia Srage is assisted by the strong centre court work of Tanna Goldberg and Kerryn Josman. Defenders Hannah Vasin, Laura Bravo and Michelle Shmailov fight for every turnover and rebound, keeping their opposition out of their shooting circle.

This is a huge achievement by all three teams. Judging by how they have played so far, the only way is up.

pics and words by Jessica Goulburn

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