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Maccabi Tennis opens its doors

Posted: 18-May-2011 by Maccabi NSW

We don’t hear a lot from our tennis club, based at the iconic courts at White City in Rushcutters Bay. But with this fantastic offer they’ve got on the table at the moment, it’s a perfect time to find out a little bit about what they’re doing as they try and open the doors to the community beyond its current, dedicated membership base.

The club has slashed 75% off membership prices for 18-30 year-olds. To help explain the offer and why it’s worthwhile, Maccabi News caught up with head coach Steve Loeffler to spread the gospel.

MN: Tell us about the offer and the reasons behind it.

SL: The club wants to attract some younger members, particularly in the 18-30 year-old bracket. There’s not a shortage, but we want to regenerate and bring more guys and girls into the club.

We’re thinking of the future.

We’re offering memberships for $250 a year – it’s a 75% discount on what a membership normally costs.

It includes free lessons for members; there’s a small, private gym studio they can use as well as the club house, change rooms, table tennis facilities and the club supplies balls for free to be used as well.

There’s a social aspect too, with barbeques twice a month for members and guests.

It’s about meeting new people, social aspects, learning a new game, it’s cheap, there are great facilities, great parking, great atmosphere, easy to get to.

So far, members are loving it and the free lessons are a really big hit.

When does this all take place?

On Wednesday nights, we’ve got free social tennis from 6pm until 10pm for members.

So that’s no charge for the court for them to play on, they can have lessons and there’s organised social mixed tennis for them to play on the night as well.

Does it give unlimited access to the courts?

During members hours its free, of course. Outside members hours, its discounted rates, and members can bring non-members as guests to play with or against (outside of peak times).

Do you need any level of experience to play?

We welcome people of any standard – that’s what the lessons are for.

Really, the lessons are to help people get to a standard where they can play with other people, but also for advanced players wanted to get back into the game.

The club offers lessons for all ages and classifications; lessons for A-grade B-grade, young adults as well.

Coaching for all members is an initiative the club brought on about six months ago and everyone loves it. No matter how good a tennis player you, you always need a little help.

Why is the club going to such an effort?

Maccabi want to cater for all ages, but this age group in particular are the people that are going to be the future. Maccabi tennis is strong, but we want to be stronger. That means getting lots of guys and girls of all ages.

It’s always been a strong club – but it hasn’t really actively marketed in the past. We’ve always just been a successful club. Now we're saying: we want a youth injection.

We’ve got really, really good numbers in the juniors, but the adults – that’s the area that we want to boost numbers.

And at a great, historic and proud venue like White City as well.

It’s fantastic here. And with Hakoah here now too it’s only going to get bigger and better.

Maccabi is only here to stay.

It’s a great facility in the middle of the city – yet really peaceful too.

The people coming down here are loving it and we want more people to share and enjoy that.

Anyone interested should contact: or phone 0438 361 560

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