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What's Michael's secret weapon?

Posted: 03-May-2011 by Maccabi NSW

Michael Basckin (pictured with mum and dad) was given huge recognition for his achievement on karate’s international stage by winning the Leo Kellerman Junior Sportsman of the Year.

Michael’s 2010 highlight was finishing seventh at the Youth World Cup in Corfu, Greece, before he went on to grab a bronze placing at the Czech Grand Prix.

He now eyes the World Championships in Malaysia at the end of the year.

“Last year was the first time I competed overseas with the World Karate Federation and Greece and Czech Republic were really good experiences,” Basckin told Maccabi News.

“(Competing) against all the European countries, they were all really good, and it was good to make an improvement (in results between tournaments.”

Michael says he has a rivalry with one of his fellow Australian competitors that spurs him to greater heights and motivates him to go to the next level.

“I’m training about six times a week, a few hours every day,” Michael says casually of his rather light training regime.

“My dad takes me to three different coaches ... two hour drives each day.”

And his other secret?

“Definitely mum’s sandwiches!!”

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