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Maccabi basketball GRAND FINAL round-up

Posted: 11-Apr-2011 by Maccabi NSW

- by Marissa Ely

The Maccabi U16 Girls Devils played in their first grand final against the Fizz.

In front of a very vocal crowd the game started slowly with play maker Teva Pleshet who drove to the basket and took advantage of her shots at the free throw line. Lilly Singh was also a stand out player who rebounded strongly under the ring.

In the 2nd half the game see–sawed and the girls luck was starting to run out as their opponents capitalised on every loose ball and Maccabi’s zone defence.

Rachel Kaplan was lucky with her shooting but it wasn’t enough on the day. The team went down 15-6.

T. Pleshet 4
R. Kaplan 2

The Maccabi Under 12 Kings rose to the occasion as their hard training paid off in their first grand final appearance against Reddam E.

It was a sloppy start to the 1st half however Maccabi found their groove and energy through their hard fought defensive skills.

The excitement came in the 2nd half when Alex Burman and Dylan Sherman both scored.

Alex had 2 shots that were “nothing but net” and Dylan (the quiet achiever) rebounded offensively to give the team a good lead.

Riley Kovkin and Josh Naiman were solid defensively whilst Brad Bloomfield and Josh Lever had plenty of fast breaks to give the team a 15-6 win.

They didn’t allow their opponents any space in the key. Congratulations to Coach Ehrenfeld who was extremely proud of his team.

R. Kovkin 1
A. Burman 4
D. Sherman 4
B. Bloomfield 2
J. Lever 2
J. Oshry 2


Maccabi Hawks defeated the Balmain Blaze 25-11 in their 1st grand final appearance.

In what was a brilliant team effort by all players, player maker Zac Tolkin excelled himself “by going 1 on 1” on many occasions converting his lay ups and top scored with 12 points who was also very tenacious and really wanted to prove a point.

Brent Zeh, the quiet achiever who is normally known for assisting his team mates, and Ari Levy showed the crowd how tough they really are by defending and rebounding powerfully under the ring.

In the 2nd half the team increased their defensive pressure which allowed them more opportunities to attack the basket.

Ariel Gomel, Eden Erny, Zac Klein were all offensive threats. Asher Klein boxed out which also caused problems for the Blaze plan of attack.

Koby Shapiro also impressed his coach with some smooth shooting and added 2 baskets of his own. The final score was 25-11.

Z. Tolkin 12
K. Shapiro 4
Z. Klein 2
E. Erny 3
A. Klein 1
B. Zeh 1
A. Levy 2

The Under 12 Div 2 Devils had a text book start.

The boys got big thumbs up from Coach Ehrenfeld who was full of praise for this team throughout the match.

Maxim Vassilov was a big offensive threat in the first half. A great left handed player who played beyond his years. He top scored and fought hard offensively. Leo Carroll who has “harlem globetrotter” style dribbling skills impressed and applied pressure which ended in some great assists. Half time it was 10-6.

In the 2nd half it was a different story. The Rockets started to pressure Maccabi in every aspect of the game. Josh and Ben Fischl, the power houses of this team combined with Michael Benchoam.

When push came to shove, the boys fired up and tempers started to fly when crucial calls weren’t made by the referees.

The opposition seemed to want the ball more however it didn’t take away from a fantastic game. The boys have only lost 1 game and deserve a big pat on the back for their efforts. Final score 17-10

M. Vassilov 6
M. Benchoam 2
L. Carroll 1
B. Fischl 1

The Rockets started slowly and gave away an 8 point lead in the early minutes of the game which allowed their opponents to have free reign of the court.

After a time out to re-focus the boys crept back up with the score being 9-8 at the half.

In the 2nd half it was basket for basket with both teams increasing their defensive pressure to try and score but both teams weren’t about to give up the fight.

"Even though the team shot well, the boys defense (Jake Bloom and Daniel Kupferman) was what won the game in the last few minutes” commented Coach Lemish.

The Rockets fired up and won 20-18. A great team effort.

J. Jacobson 6
D. Kupferman 4
R. Shegan 5
B. Baron 5

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