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'Playing for Maccabi is a sensation'

Posted: 06-Apr-2011 by Maccabi NSW


As we finish our series on Maccabi Eastside basketball, we take a look at the culture brewing at the club, where senior sides are not only filled with Macabi juniors, but youngsters now aspire to go through the ranks to play alongside or under the guidance of Brad Rosen and Bruce Bolden.

One fantastic advertisement for the club is 17-year-old Daniel Serebro – a proud member of the division five men’s side, who graduated from the under-18s division one and is now earning his stripes in senior competition.

Want club spirit? How about Daniel’s involvement – he won the club’s 2010 president’s award for club involvement, currently coaches a handful of junior sides and talks proudly of his rise through Maccabi’s ranks, from an under-12 coached by current senior player Daniel Lemish, to a Maccabiah representative in 2009 when he was in year 10.

“For me, it became my past time, my hobby, my life outside of school,” Daniel says of his time at Maccabi.

“Playing for Maccabi is a sensation. It becomes a home for you.”

Want someone to sell the club’s merits? I’ll hand the mic over to Daniel.

“Without Maccabi, I wouldn’t be who I am today."

“It feels like you want to aspire to be the best you can.

“Everyone has this connection; everyone happy to play for each other. It’s all about playing with friends, about having fun.

“That’s my motto when I teach my under-12s. As long as you’ve fun, never give up, have intensity all way through – I’m happy.

“Without Maccabi, I wouldn’t be who I am today; coaching has taught me how to conduct myself.

“And as a player, we’ve been taught at Maccabit to show respect while other teams might be rough.”

And if the club’s plans and systems are in place, youngsters like Daniel, who is fiercely determined after seven months out with injury, will always have something to keep aspiring to.

“I want to try out for Premier League and I want to play with the big guys. That’s what I’ve wanted to do since under-12s; ever since I’ve heard about a top Maccabi team.

“Apart from the NBA of course, that’s where I want to be.”

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