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A 'gritty, determined' start by Maccabi Rugby

Posted: 06-Apr-2011 by Maccabi NSW

Pic: Ingrid Shakenovsky

Maccabi Rugby got off to an impressive start at Clovelly on the weekend, notching a 14-6 win in windy conditions. To learn a little more about the result, the squad and their coach, Maccabi News caught up with the club’s new coach Brendan Hall.

Maccabi News: How did you assess the weekend’s win over Clovelly?

Brendan Hall: Not necessarily because of the result, but the way in which they won – it was awesome. It was a really gritty, determined performance in really tough conditions. That’s what made it heartening. They had to grit it out in the second half – going into that wind, it was pretty full on!

Were there any players or parts of the performance that caught your eye?

I thought our scrum held up really well. The Janks brothers (Shaun and Kevin Jankelowitz) (right) held up really well. Kevin was playing tight head prop, a new position for him, and he held up really well.

I thought Ben Selwyn (below right) was exceptional at Number 8.

Jerome Bowman played particularly well and captain fantastic Keith Friedlander got a big knock in the first five minutes and was pretty much out cold - he did really well to play for the remainder.

What has impressed you so far during your time at Maccabi?

One of the thing was important for me is that it’s not just about the rugby. It’s about community, about creating an ethic amongst the boys that they can carry on in the rest of their lives.

It’s heartening for me that they not only taken that on board, but they are living it as well. It seems like the Jewish community has very strong unity. The boys really fight for each other and stand up for each other and that’s been one of the great assets for the side in games.

They’ve got each other’s backs.

They show a great amount of respect for their community.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came involved in Maccabi rugby.

Maccabi rugby’s) Richie Bowman has been a bit of a mentor of mine over the years, we’ve been connected through business. He put it to me to be the coach and it was something I was really interested in.

I played rugby in my life in the deep south of New Zealand – eating and breathing the game. It’s nice to be able to put something back into the rugby community after all these years.

It’s my first year coaching, and I’ve got a personal training business in Bondi. I did pre-season with the club three years ago.

Finally, given what you’ve seen so far at the club, what are ambitions for the year?

The goal is to win the comp this year.

To win the competition, but also build on the really strong links the club has with the community. That’s really important. We want to make sure the club is growing in the right direction. We’ve got a lot of young players we want to nurture and we want to give them a place at the club.

Match details: Maccabi 14 (Ben Selwyn try; Justin Weiss (pictured above) three penalty goals) def Clovelly 6.

Next week: Randwick v Maccabi at Latham Park, Saturday, kick-off 3.15pm.

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