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Bright times for Maccabi basketball

Posted: 05-Apr-2011 by Maccabi NSW

The basketball club is one of the great quiet achiever’s in the Maccabi NSW stable. A sport for all seasons, ages and standards, Michael America and his committee can now boast a club brimming with 21 teams in the Sydney City Basketball Association – the most in the district.

The club’s success reflects a renaissance felt by the sport in Sydney this season with the return of the Sydney Kings – and one man pivotal to both Maccabi and the Kings’ success is Brad Rosen.

“You can just tell the club is on the up,” Rosen, a Maccabi Hall of Famer and Kings legend, told Maccabi News.

“The juniors are going gang busters, it’s a great environment to be around and I’m really, really, enjoying being part of the club again.”

Maccabi is in the enviable position of having Rosen and his former Kings teammate Bruce Bolden play for their elite Premier League side each week. A mid-table start to the season has Rosen satisfied at the side’s progress and extremely proud of the development of the club’s younger players.

“The whole idea when I got back involved in the club was that there were a lot of kids coming through – but the standard wasn’t quite there to help them get to the next level.

“They're all talented, all good quality basketballers, but I would say their understanding of the game has improved.

“To be honest, the future is looking strong. We want to stay exactly where we’re at. Keep working the juniors and keep them coming through.

“And hopefully a time can come where Bruce and I can step away from the playing component – although we enjoy playing with the guys – and the young boys can take it up to the next level.”

The entire Rosen family are the quintessential Maccabi family, and despite having hit the heights of domestic sport in Australia, Rosen still can’t quite shake the Maccabi bug.

“The club is in my heart,” he enthused.

“It’s so nice to be involved again. I started with Maccabi, then played with the Kings, and it’s great to be able to give something to the club that gave me so much.

“Maccabi is my club. To be able to give something back, I absolutely love it.

“I love playing with the guys. I love everything about it.”

Rosen also praised the efforts of Michael America, who leads a committee that runs a well drilled club.

The 2011 committee members are Michael America (Club President) Helita Agranat & Bev Kampel (Accounts/Administration), Marissa Ely (Media/Promotions and Secretary), Andrew Klein, Cara Shapiro (Fundraising) David Sukiennik, Debbi Gomel (Basketball Development), Ian Fischl, Taryn Zeh, Scott Altman, and long time player/coach Daniel Lemish.

The basketball club is now taking new players for the second comp of the year commencing after school holidays. If you’re interested, contact Michael America at

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