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Sammi skates her way to World Champs

Posted: 05-Apr-2011 by Maccabi NSW

Two-time Maccabi Junior Sportswoman of the year Samantha Kadar will jet off overseas this week to represent Australia at the 2011 World Synchronized Skating Championships.

16-year-old Samantha has been preparing feverishly for the event – training six days a week on top of working during the week. If we could all bottle a bit of Samantha Kadar’s energy and spirit, we’d go a long way.

“It’s really exciting,” she proudly told Maccabi News. “I’ve been skating for nearly ten years now and I’m training really hard.

“Earlier last year I fractured my tail bone so there was a chance I mightn’t be able to skate.

“But I’m working really hard. I’ve never been to worlds before ... I’ll go to do the best I can.”

Samantha, who was club champion at the Sydney Figure Skating Club in 2010, is first off to Estonia for a training camp with her squad, before the championships in Helsinki, Finland.

“I always had the dream of going to the Olympics; but the worlds are good too!”

Her mother Jackie is immensely proud of her daughter’s achievements.

“Skating has always been a place where Sammi’s loved to be.

“Sammi has a mild intellectual disability; she’s got her challenges, but they train her really hard. It’s very exciting for her.”

Samantha picked up the sport as an excited onlooker at the Fox Studios ice rink ten years ago, where Jackie worked - “I wanted to get on and have loved it ever since”.

After years in the single skating field, Samantha went to the Australian national championships last year for synchronized skating and is revelling in a more team orientated environment.

She is a member of the Team Fire On Ice group based at Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink. Fire On Ice placed first at the 2010 National Championships last November and will now compete as Team Australia at the World Championships.

And what about the thrill of wearing the green and gold?

“It means a lot; I’ve always wanted to and have been aiming for it for a while.

“I always had the dream of going to the Olympics; but the worlds are good too!”

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