Grading Policy


This page explains our Club’s grading philosophy and process, as well as when grading takes place.

Why grade?

Our Club and the KDSA regards the grading process as being an important part of the season’s preparation. Players who are not graded properly do not derive as much enjoyment from the game as they otherwise could. If they are too weak for the team in which they are playing they never get a “look-in”. If they are too strong they do not have the chance to develop as well as they could (and the rest of the team might not get that “look-in”!). In the junior ages U6 thru U10, the emphasis is very much on fun, but we also like to make sure the players are given every chance to improve their soccer skills and to try to make sure they come back to soccer year after year.

Division Allocations

An interesting aspect of grading really comes after the event - which Division each team gets placed into. We have put together an explanation of the Division Allocation process, and you can find this in our downloads section.

And Finally…

We sincerely hope we get it mostly right during the grading process. There will always be cases where a parent might disagree with a child’s / player's placement. If it bothers you that much, please talk to your team manager about the situation post the grading process.

At all times, please remember that you are dealing with hard-working volunteers, most of whom have a good knowledge of soccer at many levels. We may not be perfect, and we may get some things wrong, but we try our best. If you think something could be better, politely let us know (and even consider volunteering yourself next year! 


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