Mission and Vision

Maccabi Northside Football Club provides the opportunity for children and adults from the St. Ives and surrounding areas to play Football, the World Game.

The Club values and promotes understanding and enjoyment of the game.

The Club aims to ensure that all members have the opportunity to play their highest standard soccer and encourages all members to introduce their friends to the game through the Club.

The Club nurtures and educates members, players and supporters to always respect coaches, officials, opposing teams and their supporters, and especially the referees. It encourages the game to be played in the highest sporting manner, on and off the field.

Vision Statement

Maccabi Northside Football Club is a long established, highprofile, successful and respected club in the KDSA and the community.

Young players will want to join Maccabi Northside Football Club in preference to other clubs and parents will want their children to play for Maccabi Northside Football Club because:

  • We are renowned for its competitive edge

  • We are a community club

  • We value new and existing members 

  • Our management is progressive, accessible and responsive to new ideas and always looking to improve. 

  • Our club's management, members and supporters help and respect each other. 

  •  Every player, member, parent feels that Maccabi Northside Football Club is their club

Goals for 2014.

The committee is determined to continue to provide you with a fun, competitive and rewarding football experience each and every year. We understand that you make a significant financial commitment to play for the sky blues and we promise to endeavor to provide the best possible environment for all of our players. We are hoping to be more transparent in our actions this year giving you all a better understanding of what we are doing with your registration fees.

With this in mind, we have established the following goals for 2014:

1. Finances: The committee will ensure the continued financial security of the club by weighing up monetary decisions on an individual basis with the entire playing base’s needs in mind. Finances will be distributed more evenly across the club.
2. On-field: Promotion back to the Premier League. Supporting our strong under 18 squad within a 2 year framework. A commitment to skill development for our young junior base.

3. Off-field: We want our relationship with our members and players to be more positive by creating greater transparency and accessibility. We are committed to ensuring our supporters are well behaved and responsible at NSFA grounds.

4. Social: The committee is looking to continue our social efforts from last season to foster a connection between all of our players, whatever age. We are looking to introduce new initiatives to add to our fantasy games, newsletters and events, particularly with the World Cup in mind.


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