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The 36th Junior Carnival which will take place in Melbourne from 14  21 January 2018.

This event has been changed a little from previous years, making sure that participants are engaged in fun, yet different activities.

The program has been designed to be inclusive and cater for everyone's abilities. If you have any questions about the program's suitability for your child, or any additional support your child may need, please don't hesitate to contact us.

There will be a combination of Club Championships as well as the new concept Colour Games.

Club Championships Club Champs will be held in a few sports only, each for only 1 part of 1 day of the carnival netball, soccer, basketball and tennis, and will be predominently competed in by the top 1 or 2 Maccabi Club teams in their age group in each state. If this is your child, please indicate as such on the registration form. If you are not currently a Maccabi member, but would like to opportunity to compete in the Club Championships, please indicate as such on the form. We will endeavour to place you in an appropriate team.

Colour Games in this part of Carnival, which is the majority of the week, the participants will be placed in teams across states, genders and ages. These teams will compete across a variety of activities, from traditional sport (well maybe not exactly traditional) through to the not-so traditional of tug of war, scavenger hunt, go cart racing and film making. You will have the opportunity to be a part of it all and make your mark on Carnival.

So get ready to get your colour on, and be part of #Maccabi2018


Registrations for the 36th Junior Carnival:

Please ensure you have read the rules and Code of Conduct before registering your children for Junior Carnival and you have discussed these with them. Click here to dowload the Code of Conduct


Step 1: Click on the link provided below

Step 2: You will be prompted to either login (if you have signed up to a Maccabi club/event in the past) OR to create a Mymacc account (if this is your first time registering on this website).

Please ensure the child you are registering is the name/profile used and Read through all the information preceeding the questions of the registration form

Step 3:  Upload a photo that will be used on the ID card during Carnival.

Step 4: Select the components you will be paying for:

1. Registration - the Early Bird registration fee to participate in Carnival is $699. This will end 28 September, 2017 at which time the fee will increase to $799.

2. Airfare - for non-Victorians, group flights have been arranged for each state. You are able to organise your own flights or use frequent flyer points, but please respect that should the child not fly on the same flight or arrive at a time close to when the team arrives, then you will be responsible for ensuring the child arrives safely at the billet's home

3. Uniform - all uniforms are the same as previous years, but should you require a new one, please select accordingly

Subsidies and assistance is available as is the opportunity to pay via installment. If you wish to apply, please select 'special arrangement' in the payment section and insert a note so your state office can be in contact with you to advise of the process.

Step 5:  Complete all questions in the registration form.  

Step 6: Provide credit card details for payment and hit 'Submit!

Step 7: CARE MONKEY Within a week of registering you will recieve an email inviting you to create and share a Care Monkey profile. This profile will include personal, medical and emergency contact details. Please undertake to provide all relevant medical information to ensure we are able to provide an adequate duty of care. Maccabi abides by a strict privacy policy to ensure your confidentiality. Please work to complete these within 7 days of receipt. Note you will receive automated reminders from Care Monkey regularly until they are completed.

State Contact Details


Team Manager: Danny Klinger -– 

Maccabi Office –  Ph 9563 5885  



Team Manager: Lynne Berson -



Team Manager: Belinda Wolpert- -



Team Manager: Leah Steinberg -


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