Maccabi Australia | 20th Maccabiah Games

Maccabi Australia has a rich history of participation and success at the Maccabiah Games. Having returned from a very successful 20th Maccabiah games in July 2017, the journey towards the 21st Games in July 2021 have already begun.

What's your plan? What your involvement be? One thing is for don't want to miss out

Maccabi Australia is a not-for-profit organisation, committed to the connection and continuity of the Australian Jewish community through sport.

It is our responsibility to select and send Australian Teams to the Maccabiah Games every four years. This is achieved by the funding support of the athletes themselves, their families, our sponsors, our patrons, contributions made to the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF), fundraising at corporate events and the backing of the Jewish community who donate generously.

Maccabi Australia thanks all of our partners and supporters for their generous support of the Maccabiah athletes.


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