Selection Criteria & Process

Selection Charter – 19th Maccabiah Games Open and Junior Cricket

A. Background

For the purposes of clarity and transparency, the following is the selection criteria for the Open and Junior Cricket Teams.

The Charter contains guidance on:

i. The objective of selection;
ii. The factors taken into consideration in selection of the team;
iii. The communication of selection decisions to players; and
iv. The role of the Selection Panel & Chairman of Selectors.

B. Objective of selection

The objective is to select the strongest and most balanced squad of 13 players to represent Australia in both of the Open and Junior Cricket at the 19th Maccabiah Games.

C. Factors in selection

The following are factors to be considered by the selection committee in the selection of the squad:

i. Level/s played: The relative strength of competition where a person has competed – as well as their performances at that level – will be taken into account.
ii. Form and performance: It is important to note that form and performance encompasses a player’s performances over a period of matches, potentially spanning several seasons, and not just a single performance. However, current season form will be of the greatest significance.
iii. Team balance: The squad will be selected with regard to team balance, both in relation to the spread of batsmen and bowlers in his team – including the type of batsmen and bowlers in the team – as well as wicketkeeper/s.
iv. Attitude and commitment: a personal interview will likely be conducted with each of the nominees to determine their attitude towards the team and the Maccabiah as well as their commitment to training and team building.

D. Communication of selection decisions

The unsuccessful nominees shall be notified of their non-selection prior to any successful nominees. At this time, the nominee shall be given the reason for their non-selection.

The communication of non-selection to an individual shall be made by a member of the selection panel or the Section Manager.

The communication of those selected shall be made by the selection panel or the Section Manager.

E. Role of the Selection Panel & Chairman of Selectors

A selection panel of three (3) people will be ratified by Maccabi Australia. One member of the Selection Panel will then be appointed as Chairman of Selectors.

Each Selection Panel member should be independent and have suitable credentials so as to adequately follow the Charter and select the best possible team to represent Australia at the 19th Maccabiah Games.

Please note: the Section Manager is not a member of the Selection Panel.

The role of Selection Panel is as follows:

i. To conduct selection meetings
ii. To ensure the Selection Charter is followed
iii. To communicate the non-selection of players as required
iv. To communicate the selection of players as required
v. To liaise with Team Management about any selection issues that may arise.
vi. To rank the selected players from 1 to 13 based on ability
vii. To select the Captain and Vice Captain of the team

The role of the Chairman of Selectors is as follows:

i. To chair the selection panel meetings;
ii. Prepare a document for Team management which explains the reasons for selection and non selection of each of the nominees including the rankings and reasons for appointment of Captain and Vice Captain

F. Selection Process

The selectors will determine whether a selection trial will be required. They may see fit to select the team via a process of reviewing CVs (including verification of performances via their referees) and/or combining this with viewing the nominees playing cricket in their home state.

The selection process should be finalised by 10 December 2012.



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