B.E.S.T. Team Values

B.E.S.T. ever Team Values

In July 2017, Maccabi Australia athletes will represent their country, their community, their sport and themselves with pride.  These values represent our collective commitment and respect to a set of sporting values.

I trust in my ability and believe in myself to improve, overcome obstacles and give of my best.  Self-belief is a key ingredient to success and leadership.

I strive for excellence and the highest possible sporting and personal standards.

I uphold the values and integrity of sport. I recognise that I am one individual in an international sporting environment and I represent myself, my sport and my country. It is my responsibility to maintain the highest standards of behaviour, fairness and integrity.

I dedicate myself to training for my sport and to the improvement of myself as an athlete.  Through consistent training and a healthy lifestyle, I strive to maximise my sporting potential.

The B.E.S.T. values are enshrined in the Australian Maccabiah Team Agreement, signed by all Australian athletes participating at the 20th Maccabiah Games.


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