Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the Maccabiah Games?
The Maccabiah Games are known as the Jewish Olympics. They are held in Israel every four years. In July 2013 the 19th Maccabiah Games will be contested.

Q: What are the key dates relating to the 19th Maccabiah Games?
Likely team departure from Australia – July 11 2013
Opening Ceremony – July 18 2013
Closing Ceremony – July 30 2013
Official Team Australia flight home – July 31 2013
Likely arrival date in Australia – August 2 2013

Q: Who is eligible to be part of the Australian Delegation to The Games?
You must be Jewish to be eligible. You must then meet requirements relevant to the sport for which you are nominating.

Q: How old do I have to be to be considered a Junior?
You are considered a Junior athlete if you were born between January 1, 1995 and December, 31st, 1998. Some sports in the Boys Junior Division are broken into two age divisions (those born in 1995 & 96 (youth) and those born in 1997 & 98 (junior)), and both swimming and gymnastics allow for younger participants.

Q: Where will we stay?
During the Australian Team precamp the whole Australian Team will be based together in one accommodation centre. Once all participants are moved to the Official Maccabiah Accommodation Centres, the Maccabiah Games Housing Committee decides where all the teams stay. This is not a decision made by Maccabi Australia. As a general rule, Open and Masters athletes are accommodated by sport, location driven largely by where in Israel their sport is being conducted

The whole Junior Maccabiah is run in one town/city and all Australian Juniors will be housed together.

Q: If I have family in Israel, can I stay with them?
No. It is a requirement of the Organizing Committee of the Games that travelling participants be accommodated in Official Accommodation Centres for both logistical and security reasons.

Q: Can My Family come?
There will be an official supporter package that will allow family members to be part of the Australian Team Pre Camp and attend Official Functions like the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, but once athletes move into accommodation centres, you will not be able to stay with family, except in the Masters Division. Official Supporter Accommodation will be organised as part of the Supporter Package.

Q: What do I need to do now?
Go online to and follow the prompts to nominate. You will be required to pay a $1000 nomination fee, upload a passport type photo and provide a brief sporting CV.

The Selection criteria of each sport has been detailed on the website, so please ensure you and your parent/guardian in the case of those who are under 18 or competing in the Junior Maccabiah understand this. Contact details of your Section Manager are available online.

Q: Is the nomination fee refundable?
The $1000 nomination fee includes a $20 merchant fee when paid by credit card. This fee minus the merchant fee is refundable. The deposit will be refunded upon non-selection or withdrawal prior to selection only. Withdrawal after selection may incur addition costs, dependent upon the reasons for withdrawal as well as the costs incurred on your behalf by Team Management, if any.

Q: How much will it cost to participate at the Maccabiah Games?

It must be noted that Team Management expects to charge a maximum of $11,000 per athlete to compete at these Games, subject to the Australian Dollar. Additional costs (some of which may not be applicable to your sports) that you are responsible for covering include: playing strips, training camps prior to departure and coaches’ costs.

Q: What is the payment schedule?

Nomination Fee Due June 30 2012 $1,000
Instalment 1 Due December 14 2012 $3,000
Instalment 2 Due February 28 2013 $3,000
Final  Due April 22,2013 Balance due less fundraising

Q: Will there be any additional fees?
Additional costs (some of which may not be applicable to your sports) that you are responsible for covering include: playing strips, training camps prior to departure and coaches’ costs.

Q: Are there ways to reduce the cost?
Yes! Each team and each individual, under the guidance of their Section Manager, will have many options for fundraising and offsetting of costs. Your Section Manager will have these details.

Q: Can I make my own travel arrangements?
Anyone wishing to opt out of the team travel arrangements must apply in writing for permission to do so. This is for logistic and security purposes. Application will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Q: Will I/my child be safe?
All precautions will be taken. Safety and security are the two most serious issues for all of Team Management. We have our own Security Director who will advise Team Management through discussions with Maccabiah Organisers as to the Security precautions required.

Q: Who is managing the team?
There is a management team of over 50 people looking after the Australian Delegation. The most senior of these are:
Head Of Delegation: Harry Procel
Assistant Head of Delegation: Mike Aronson
Open Team Manager: Jeff Houseman
Junior Team Manager: Yvette Shaw
Masters Team Manager: Lauren Ehrlich

Other Senior Members of the Delegation are:
Chef de Mission – Lisa Borowick
Treasury – Michael Diamond
Operations Director – Tom York OAM
Fundraising – Sam Parasol OAM
Medical – Dr Bob Mundell
Media – David Weiner
Security – Amir Bar Giora
Executive Administrator – Ellana Aarons

There is also a Medical Team, Media Officers, Logistics Consultant and Security Consultants.
All members of Team Management have vast experience in the Maccabi and general sporting community.




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