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'I had a scare' ... Israeli No.1 praises Aussie archer

Posted: 14-Jul-2017 by Maccabiah

Pics: Julie Kerbel

'I had a scare ... that doesn't happen very often'

And with that, the No.1 Maccabiah seed gave a ringing endorsement of the talents of 19-year-old Australian Eliot Vogel's display at the archery on Thursday, where he finished a fantastic fifth.

Vogel, who took up archery after he suffered a serious concussion playing rugby earlier in his teens, took two points of Israeli's top player and was within a whisker of taking him to a shootout with him. 

But, therein lies the fickle nature of a sport like archery. 

"Here there are a lot of things that cross your mind: did you eat right, have you slept enough, are you tired? 

"It's 40 degrees out in the sun. You've got your bow in your hand, you've got to think about your technique, your form and you've got seven seconds where the only thing to think about is your shot. Here, staying concentrated is very difficult. If one stray thing crosses your mind ... your arrow is not going to (be accurate). Especially not at 70 metres...The only thing that has to cross my mind is: 'is that the perfect shot'" 

To do that, Vogel gets into almost a zen like state before each attempt and is a picture of calm and clarity with a very deliberate and soothing routine. 

But still ... 

"In the end (looking next door and) seeing the single rank (player), the wind started going crazy, shot the arrow, just missed out." 

Vogel not only wants to come back in four years better than now after his "fantastic experience", but, if things go according to plan, he'll also have represented Australia in mainstream competition by then. 


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