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Finishing off the 1997 journey

Posted: 20-Jul-2013 by Maccabiah

While Australia’s 423-strong team marched into Teddy Stadium enjoying the night of their lives, five members of our community finally got to enjoy that same moment that was robbed from them 16 years ago.

In an initiative by Maccabi Australia and Maccabi World Union, participants from 1997 that are in Israel but not in the 2013 team were invited to finish their Maccabiah journey at this opening ceremony.

Phillip Wolanski, Tony Schwartz, Gary Weiss, Ronen Israeli and Peter Kurta joined Team Australia on Thursday night – even more special given that Remy Wolanski (football), Nathan Schwartz (football), Justin Weiss (rugby) and Josh Israeli (tennis) are all here in 2013 as well, following in their fathers’ footsteps.

“It was a fabulous moment for all of us – especially for us from 1997,” Wolanski told Maccabi Australia.

“We’re here with our kids, brothers, everybody – it’s a really, really special time.
“It’s wonderful to finish it off.”

Wolanski, Schwartz and Weiss, members of the bronze medal winning masters football side coached by Ian ‘Iggy’ Gray in 1997, enjoyed a wonderful moment in the stands sitting alongside Steven and Peter Lowy, teammates from that successful trip.

Steven Lowy, who scored for the masters 45+ side on Thursday morning, was lapping up the Opening Ceremony atmosphere.

“It’s fantastic,” he said.

“It’s a very special experience- particularly all of us here from 1997 in the masters football team, and it’s really a wonderful opportunity.” 

- David Weiner

2013 picture by Peter Haskin: Wolanski, Steve Lowy, Weiss, Schwartz, Peter Lowy

1997 pictures courtesy of Peter Lowy. 



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